I wonder if Pharaoh ever left his palaces to observe the ravages of the pyramids on communities of so-called savages?

While strolling through his presidential passages, counting as profit

the number of slave women’s miscarriages, entertaining foreign guests

and attending to his favorite hobbies, did Pharaoh ever consider the bodies

of the black and brown men building his porticos and lobbies?

He often conscripted men with good memories to repeat stories of Egyptian glory;

one day, finding none around and hearing Moses’ footsteps on the ground

(oddly, he seemed to be running), Pharaoh called out to his token Hebrew:

“Brother! Come, tell!

Doesn’t Egypt treat you well?”

But Moses, sufficiently leery of divine right theory, and knowing well his master’s malice,

took in hand the nearest chalice
and renounced once for all every pleasure and treasure to be had in Pharaoh’s palace.

And the slaves, caring little for Pharaoh’s defeat, whispered about,

“Now how shall we eat?”

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